What is PIPIL and why did we sponsor it?

Posted December 7th, 2017 by Jasmine Lui

Earlier this year, our friends at Cartwright Communications spotted a gap in the market locally for relaxed networking. While there are lunch clubs and formal dinners aplenty, the opportunity to get together informally and enjoy a drink or two in a relaxed ‘no pressure’ atmosphere was lacking across the East Midlands.

In order to address this, Cartwright joined forces with Willmott Dixon and RizkMcCay to set up PIPIN – People in Property in Nottingham – which is now a key date in the social calendar locally. After attending one of these successful events, we knew there was more scope to roll this out across Lincolnshire; as we knew there was plenty of appetite among like-minded professionals in the region for a new approach to networking.

So, we partnered with Cartwright, Willmott Dixon and RizkMcCay to sponsor the first PIPIL event - People in Property in Lincoln – and were delighted with the response. As the top tier of business men and women start to take a step back in their organisations, we believe it’s time for the ‘younger’ generation to step forward and take the reins – and what better way to establish themselves than a relaxed networking event like PIPIL? Through PIPIL we hope to allow the next generation of property and construction professionals to set the building blocks of their careers, and forge new relationships with like-minded people.

Our very own marketing and communications expert, Jasmine Lui went along and thoroughly enjoyed the event. She said: “As a young professional myself, I know the world of networking can seem a little overwhelming for those at the beginning of their careers. I really enjoyed that PIPIL had a relaxed atmosphere, and I was able to get to know people in a more informal way, without feeling pressured to get a formal business lead, instead I was able to get to know people.”

The first event attracted more than 60 people from lawyers to agents to developers and every discipline in between with attendees already asking about the next event.

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