What does the future hold for LK2?

Posted November 21st, 2017 by Jasmine Lui

We’re delighted that our managing director Dale Lui has made the shortlist for ‘#GODO Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2017 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.
As the awards draw to a close, we conclude our blogging miniseries by asking Dale what he thinks the future holds for LK2.

Where are we going?
Andrew, Paul and I have a really clear vision for the business, and we think the next five to 10 years are going to be an incredibly exciting time for LK2.
Perhaps the most exciting news is that we’re off to China! Thanks to our work with the UK Sports Consortium, we’ve been invited by top delegates in China to speak to key figures from the sports and investment worlds.
Drawing on our extensive expertise and experience, we’ll be showcasing our vision to help China become a world-class footballing nation by improving sports facilities as a grassroots level.
We’re also hopeful that, with continued development, there could be potential for the UK Sports Consortium to take its vision across the globe.

Collaborative working
At LK2, we pride ourselves on our unique way of working collaboratively. We aim to work alongside our competitors, which enables us to draw on others’ expertise to enhance our skills.
Over the coming years, we intend to continue with this way of working by procuring more work through joint ventures and group working such as the UK Sports Consortium. Bringing together a group of contractors and consultants in this way fosters a collaborative style of working in which businesses share resources and experience.

Maximising and enhancing projects
The next seven to 10 years are going to be a busy time for the LK2 team, as we have a whole host of specialist projects lined up. In fact, we’ve just been instructed on circa £40 million worth of sports, leisure and education projects across the UK.
This is something we’re aiming to build on, using our connections with organisations such as the Marks & Spencer, the Football Association and Sport England to deliver more diverse projects - for example, bringing our SportsLab concept to spaces such as retail parks to create grassroots sports facilities, which can in turn receive funding from organisations like Sport England.

Growing the team
Overall the future looks bright for LK2 – I’ve always had big ambitions for the business and it’s going to be really exciting seeing our plans come into fruition in the coming years.
However, I’ve always believed that a business is built on a good team and I feel very lucky to have such a strong group of people helping to drive LK2 forward. We have worked hard to build a team with a range of experience and expertise and cultivate a culture where everyone feels valued.
With all this incredible growth on the horizon, another of our future plans will be to expand our team even further – particularly in our London office. We are beginning to move away from competitive tenders, and starting to create our own conduits of work - meaning we will need more hands-on deck to take on some of the exciting projects we have starting soon.

In conclusion, it was a privilege and an honour to have made the top six from 1,300 submissions for the Natwest Great British Entrepreneurs Awards. Now the awards have passed, it’s time for us to look forward as a business, and the future most certainly looks positive.

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