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Posted March 24th, 2016 by LK2 Amy

After an eight month hiatus in Lincoln to kick off my LK2 career, I am now firmly back in the big city having joined Murray in the London & Southern region office at the end of February. It would be easy to prattle on about the difference between the cities (bigger and busier); the commute (longer and busier); and the offices (bigger but quieter) but I thought it better to look at the state of play in the sport and leisure industry so far as the team at LK2 Sport & Leisure are concerned.

Things are in something of a state of flux at the moment with the outcome of the Government’s Sporting Future strategy yet to take hold, Sport England’s own strategy forthcoming and several funding streams effectively on hold until later in the year. Furthermore, in London we have the mayoral elections on the horizon which effectively postpones any major decisions in the capital until June time.

Nevertheless, that’s not to say we’ve not been a busy team with some exciting projects bubbling away. These include scoping out the supplementary community facilities for a professional football club’s proposed new stadium and training facility, and the relocation of a community football club to be the heart of a multi-sport hub.

We’ve also recognised the growing importance of local plans and strategies, including Playing Pitch Strategies. There is a clear emerging trend for local authorities and national governing bodies to adhere to these more so than ever with a view to channelling significant investment into capital facilities across the country. By understanding these priorities and where organisations want to focus their funds, we hope to be in a strong position to help them deliver their sport and leisure portfolios.

Being back in London will also give me the opportunity to strike up some work contacts from previous projects that I’ve worked on as we look to establish LK2 as a fundamental sports consultancy nationwide.

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LK2 in London

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