LK2 ‘Cannes’ Meet You at MIPIM 2017

Posted March 9th, 2017 by Jasmine Lui

Regenerating Lincoln and Lincolnshire doesn’t sound like a story about palm-lined, sun- drenched boulevards with Lamborghinis at one end and Louis Vuitton at the other.

But that’s MIPIM – the biggest property event on the planet, which is held in Cannes every year.

The yachts, the champagne, the glitzy events… yes, they are all there, but what you will also see is the ordinary business people working from dawn until dusk, trying to do deals which will bring money to the Midlands.

LK2 is sponsoring and supporting Lincoln and Lincolnshire this year and we are a proud member of the Team Lincolnshire line up. The aim? To bring our city and county to the attention of national and international investors – looking for a UK region which is bursting with opportunity.

MIPIM is an event which gets the cynics smirking. Does it really benefit private businesses from Lincolnshire? Can it really put English regions under the microscope in terms of possibility and returns on their investments? Yes, it can. Of course, there are the ‘big’ deals happening in Cannes – the ones worth tens of millions and some other contracts worth, perhaps, a few thousand pounds which will keep comparatively small businesses going for a few months.

LK2 has toyed with MIPIM for several years, but this year – we have a bigger story to tell. We are a unique company of architects and sport and leisure business advisors, specialising in using sport and leisure as a vehicle to blend together a range of sectors including mixed use developments, residential, education, retail and urban regeneration schemes. Because of this expertise, we have specific people we want to meet, local authorities we want to have conversations with – and being in MIPIM means we can get in front of the right people.

Trying to tie up meetings with influential people in the UK with contacts you have never met before, is a difficult and time-consuming process. But in Cannes, everyone is ‘open for business’ and this is MIPIM’s beauty.

LK2 has a number of key meetings set up – with really influential people. Our diaries are bursting with appointments for events which don’t just cover Lincolnshire – but crucially, other regions all over the UK.

As a MIPIM ‘virgin,’ I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I am particularly keen to see the first ever Midlands Pavilion – a physical collaboration of the East and West Midlands. It’s the Midlands’ approach to the Northern Powerhouse. Joining Lincolnshire in the Midlands Engine pavilion will provide us with a fantastic platform to showcase our unique consultancy and how we blend together the commercial architects and sport and leisure business advisory services.

The Midlands will be revolutionised by the dynamic approach brought to it by the increasing influence of private sector partners in collaboration with local authorities, and our Midlands Pavilion will showcase the city on a truly global scale.

Alongside our other Midlands regional partners, we have a golden chance to place ourselves at the forefront of not only the national, but international stage and to drive inward investment into the region.

There are no millionaire playboys or lads out for a laugh in the team of Lincolnshire business people who are on the way to Cannes next week. They are hard-working, down-to-earth people who have a responsibility for bringing money into their businesses – and their regions.

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