LK2 at MIPIM 2017

Posted March 29th, 2017 by Jasmine Lui

This year saw Lincolnshire-based architects and sport and leisure business advisors LK2 head to Cannes for its first ever stint at MIPIM – the world’s biggest property event. Dale Lui talks about the firm’s experience and why LK2 will be returning next year…

MIPIM has long had a reputation for glitz and glamour; however, I’m not sure the team were quite prepared for the sheer volume of people descending onto the Boulevard de la Croisette, or how intense the week was going to be in terms of meetings and networking.

Nevertheless, the week was a resounding success for us. Our unique blend of services certainly proved to be a talking point as we were able to have detailed and interesting conversations with countless new potential contacts.

This was probably down to the unique atmosphere of MIPIM. Back home, all those important contacts we want to speak to – potential clients and influencers – are tied up in the 9-5 rat race, snowed under with their own work and so trying to get that face-to-face time in the diary can be difficult.

However, in Cannes everyone is up for grabs. We were surprised to find just how approachable and how open to conversation they were. The willingness to listen and learn was refreshing, and certainly made a welcome change of environment in which to do business.

One of the highlights of our trip would have to be a beautiful beach-side luncheon, where we found that bright sunshine, blue skies and a delicious buffet worked wonders for helping us to pick up new connections.

Another highlight was seeing the Midlands Pavilion in all its glory. Serving as an amalgamation of the East and West Midlands areas, it was an honour to be part of the collaborative effort to promote the area on an international stage as part of Team Lincolnshire.

Don’t be fooled though – our week was filled with much more than just glasses of bubbly and hobnobbing, as we spent hours pounding the Croisette with aching feet and sore throats, meeting not only our existing clients but a host of new ones too.

Now we’re back on UK soil, the process of following up begins as we make our way through the thick wad of business cards we’ve brought back with us. These are people we may never have had a chance to connect with otherwise, and so our venture over to Cannes was most certainly a success. We’re already looking forward to doing it all over again next year.

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LK2 at MIPIM 2017

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